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There are 65 known white supremacist groups in the state of Georgia – racist organizations that believe a black man, President Barack Obama, has no place in the White House.

And the hating is getting worse.

Take Georgia bar owner Patrick Lanzo, a hate-filled resident who claims that he’s not a racist but insists on plastering the N-word on a large roadside sign outside his Georgia Peach Oyster Bar to describe his political views.

“I do not support the n-word in the White House,” the sign reads.

There is nothing illegal about Lanzo’s racist message. The U.S. Secret Service doesn’t appear to be investigating since Lanzo hasn’t actually threatened the president. The NAACP has protested Lanzo’s sign and Paulding County officials say there is nothing they can do about it since Lanzo isn’t breaking any laws.

And, after all, we do live in a country that supports freedom of speech.

But Lanzo has clearly crossed the line and his bigoted political statement will only fire-up the racists in Georgia who are hell bent on spewing hate and disrespecting Obama every chance they get. Lanzo and his warped crew don’t care about Obama’s call for unifying America; they aren’t interested in the president’s mission to care for all Americans – they just want Obama out of the White House and they’re tired of seeing his black face on CNN every day.

And Lanzo, as expected, is not remorseful – not that I’m looking for an apology.

“I say just because you’re offended by it doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to say something just the opposite,” Lanzo said told Atlanta’s Fox 5. “I don’t feel bad about anything whatsoever. Therefore, they can go out and put their own sign in their own yard and I will not be offended.”

Lanzo is part of a racist culture that dates back decades. He says his saloon is a “Klan bar” where many well-known white supremacists have gathered over the years. In 2009, Lanzo posted an inflammatory sign that infuriated many African-Americans: “Obama’s plan for health-care: n-word rig it.”

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