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Let’s face it. Talking about sex isn’t hard in a room full of adults. It’s only when kids are around do a lot of parents go silent without a way to deal with that inevitable thing called ‘The Talk.’

Add in the silent arm of technology and chances of your child getting ‘talked’ to from a source other than mom and dad just went up a few bits. As Alonda Thomas sees it, the days of kids learning the facts of life have changed since her childhood.

“I feel like things have changed so much from when I was a teenager to what teens are going through now. In my family, I didn’t actually have a formal sit down conversation with my parents about sex. I kind of just knew what was expected of me and how my parents would kill me if they ever found out that I was having sex. And so I at least made it until I was in college,” the author revealed to EUR’s Lee Bailey. “Today, with the images that are on television and in music, kids are just being bombarded with sexual images at such a younger age.”

The onslaught of sex ultimately sparked a desire for Thomas to pen her latest book, “It’s Okay To Wait: A Father / Daughter Conversation.” According to the Florida A&M University graduate, the page-turner, which centers on a father chatting with his daughter about the birds and the bees, serves as “a useful tool for parents so that they can take some of the fear and anxiety out of this conversation.”

“I just want parents to be encouraged that their young people are going to grow up but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to need you for guidance and support. It might be a tough subject to try to cover, but your kids need you to kind of let them know that you’re there for them and you’re not going to judge them in this area of their life,” Thomas explained about the book, which targets kids ages 9 and up. “Please use this as an opportunity to get the conversation started and just be there for them as they’re going through this transition that all teens have to go through and help them to make wise decisions.”

While she supports both parents in having “the talk” with their kids, Thomas took a different approach with “It’s Ok to Wait” as she highlighted the role fathers have in being a guiding force and accessible source force for their daughters.

“I felt like fathers have a very strong influence on their children and that young women would appreciate a male figure telling them, based off of their past experiences, ‘I know how young men are. These are some of the scenarios that you might encounter in giving them that kind of advice.’ It’s kind of like your father figure is the first person that a young girl encounters and based off how he treats you, it kind of molds how you’re doing men for the rest of your life,” stated the entertainment publicist, who cited Proverbs 22:6 as a catalyst for the book. “So at least in a book format, whether or not you have an actual father there you can kind of get that perspective. I feel like this book will be useful for a lot of single fathers out there who have to share this with their little princesses. There are a lot single mothers out there who can kind of relate to needing that male figure to be there but having to be the person wearing both hats. And then we all have a heavenly Father, who, to me, kind of inspired me with these words. So that also played in to using a male figure for the book.”