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ABC News reports that Soul Train founder, Don Cornelius, underwent a “21-hour operation in 1982 to correct a congenital malformation in blood vessels in his brain.”

During a 1995 interview with The Washington Post, Cornelius said he was not the same person after the operation.

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“My health history does not allow me to be what I used to be as a manager or as an entrepreneur,” he said.

His problem started with headaches in the early ’80s. A congenital malformation was discovered in some blood vessels in his brain. On Nov. 12, 1982, he underwent a 21-hour operation. “You choose your brain surgeons for their stamina,” he said. “You’re never quite the same afterward. Travel is always a real test.”

Though specifics about Cornelius’ health before his death have yet to be revealed, the New York Daily News reports that his son, Tony Cornelius, says his father was very uncomfortable the day he died.

Tony Cornelius, who worked alongside his father, didn’t reveal specifics of what troubled the TV and music legend. Don Cornelius had suffered serious health problems, and in 2009 went through a bitter, and costly divorce. “My father was extremely private,” his son said. “Unfortunately, when you’re a private person, you keep things inside. ”

He said it was hard to imagine how badly his father felt.

“Me, being extremely close to him, I could tell he was uncomfortable,” Tony Cornelius said.

NewsOne will update this post with new information on Cornelius’ health issues as we receive it.


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