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With superstars like Rihanna and Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith joining in on the reality show gravy train, it’s official–reality tv shows are the new black. If celebrities are getting more into the idea of being a part of the reality show inner circle, I’d officially like to make some star-studded show requests for our viewing pleasures.

Kanye West

Let’s be real, we watch everything this man does like hawks! He’s one of the most intriguing artists of our time. Getting to watch Kanye have Twitter rants, talk about his own genius and put together albums and clothing lines on a weekly basis is top notch entertainment!

Lil’ Wayne’s Baby’s Mommas

Most of the reality shows that call the cast members “wives” are forgetting one very important thing–most of them aren’t even married. So here’s a show idea–Real Baby Mommas of Weezy. You know you’d be glued to the screen, especially to see more of how they get along, how Wayne interacts with his kids and why the world these women are in a Lil’ Wayne cult.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz

Celebrity couples like Alicia and Swizz are obsession-worthy. Watching these two lovebirds live their extravagant lives, love one another and raise their son would be one of those rare positive reality shows and definitely something we could use as viewers.


Ciara’s career is constantly under criticism. Having her life spilled out on screen for us to see her rise to the top would be endearing and may even gain her the respect she deserves.


Some people have the ability to capture our attention in any and every little thing that they do. Solange is one of those people. From her jet-setting adventures to her eclectic style and her ever-blossoming career, Solange’s non-stop reality show would be a certified hit.

Who would you love to see living their lives out in front of the camera?

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