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Right wing radio host, Rush Limbaugh has continued his racially based attacks on President Barack Obama and his family with a new criticism based on a party the Obama family.

The criticism was based on a Halloween party the Obama family had in 2009 that was designed by director, Tim Burton. Limbaugh attacked the Obama family for living lavishly in the White House because they believed theywere  owed the lifestyle because of what was done to their ancestors (slavery).

The Huffington Post reports:

“No way the press didn’t know about this,” he said. “If we didn’t know about this, what else is going on in there that we didn’t know about… that the press knows about but is choosing not to report?”

Limbaugh also raised the subject of slavery and Jim Crow when he analyzed the Obamas’ behavior in office. He said that the couple viewed their tenure as an opportunity to “live high on the hog,” and that the idea that they were “owed this because of what’s been done to us and our ancestors” was “part of” their thinking.

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