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Security cameras are everywhere. Especially places are targets for robbery. Jewelry stores, pharmacies and gambling operations are prime hunting grounds for thieves trying to make a quick score. Whether it be through brute force, cunning tricks, or simple methods, heists are actually quite common. Here are five that have been caught on camera.

5. ATL Mall Jewelry Store

Four masked men stormed a jewelry store inside a shopping mall in Atlanta, Georgia in 2008. The armed gunmen smash the counters before taking all the jewelry they could in find.

4. Indianapolis Gun Store

Men ram a car into a gun store in Indianapolis, Indiana and then proceed to rob the store of its firearms.

3. Hasidic “Snatch” Jewelry Heist

In this video, armed robbers dressed as Hasidic Jews robbed a diamond wholesaler in New York for $4 million woth of jewelry in a what looked like a scene from the movie “Snatch.”

2. The Okey Doke Snatch

In what may seem to be the simplest heist ever an unarmed man asks a salesman at Saks 5th Ave in new York to show him something then reaches over his head to take a diamond worth almost $1 million.

1. Real Live Heist On German TV

A group of masked men robbed a high-stakes poker game in Germany all while the game was being broadcast on live TV.