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Though corporate greed is highly frowned upon by the Occupy Wall Streeters, everybody loves a thoughtful gift. So, if you find yourself camping out for Black Friday, keep these 10 presents in mind for the friendly neighborhood protesters in your life.

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1. If you saw Samantha B’s segment on the class warfare at OWS, you’d know that not everyone in the movement has access to the same grassroots amenities. Even out the playing field by gifting an iPad 2 to the “ghetto.” Price: starting at $499.00

2. Just a push of a button on this coat and your protester can keep warm through the overnight raids with the Columbia Electro-Amp Jacket. Price: $750.00

2. Replenish the Zuccotti Park library with “the secret” to being in the 1% as written in Russell Simmons’ “Super Rich.” Price: starting at $1.00 for a used copy on Amazon.

3. The joint album from Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa lets your protester know that you support him being a “leftover hippie.” Though High School is not slated to release until December, you can download the lead single, “Young, Wild & Free.” Price: $1.29.

4. No cohesive agenda? No worries. Let your protester know she can toss out those cardboard box signs and change her grievances in a moment’s notice with this eco-friendly dry-erase board from the woman-owned “See Jane Work.” Price: $17.00.

5. Even though your protester might be outraged that proceeds may or may not go towards OWS, this “Occupy All Streets” tee is officially the new button-up. Besides, Jay-Z is only part of the 1% because he hustled his way there from Marcy. Price: $22.00.

6. Not only a handy as a portable snack, but, according to Stephen Colbert, Go-Gurt is also a soothing remedy for pepper sprayed eyes. Plus, Yoplait is an active supporter of sustainability in the dairy industry. Price: may vary.

7. Given the lack of toilets, your protester may wet himself from excitement over the world’s most absorbent adult diaper. Using the same technological principals as NASA, The Wellness Brief makes public urination less of a messy situation. Price: $29.99.

8. Arresting and beating journalists won’t stop the revolution from being televised. Gift this Wired Super Stealth Hidden Neck Tie Camera. It records video in extreme low light and may even get your protester a job. Price: $179.99.

9. Help occupy time with the MONOPOLY Electronic Banking game. The irony is too great to gag at, and the “Get Out of Jail Free” cards could come in handy. Price: $24.99.


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