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The protester who busted his head open during a scuffle with New York City police officers was the first person to set up a residential tent inside Zuccotti park, a fellow protester told

Brandon Watts has a reputation for being a fighter amongst demonstrators at the park. According to NYDailyNews’ source, Watts put together his tent a day after Jesse Jackson helped protect a medical tent from being dismantled on Oct. 17.

On Thursday, Watts stood atop a wall inside Zuccotti Park and tossed objects — including a AAA battery — at cops standing outside the barricade along Liberty St., police said.

Suddenly, the 6-foot-1, 160-pound Watts charged the officers and snatched a hat off the head of a deputy inspector, cops said.

Cops caught him as he ran back into the park, but he began to fight back, police said. He was wrestled to the ground and busted his head on the concrete, causing a gash to gush blood down his face.