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On last night’s episode of “Braxton Family Values”, we got a deeper look into Tamar’s singing career, Traci’s dreams of opening a salon, Towanda and Andre’s marriage issues and Toni’s failing assistant. While all the sisters are in L.A, Traci decides that she wants to either open up a hair salon in Maryland or continue singing backup with her sisters. After asking for her sisters help and advice, she decides that she wants to pursue the hair salon and even takes a quick class while in L.A.

Towanda and Andre are still having marriage issues after Towanda shares with him that she has been asked by Toni to come to L.A and whip her new assistant into shape. Andre complains that Towanda is putting her sisters ahead of his needs which causes more distance in their relationship. Once Towanda gets to L.A., she finds out that Toni’s assistant needs more help than she expected. Toni asks Towanda to stay in L.A for a little while longer and help her out as much as possible, which will definitely cause even more problems with her and Andre’s relationship.

Tamar has decided to begin working on her album. Her husband, Vince, helps hook her up with a studio session with one of the best producers in the game, however, with Tamar’s ego and big mouth, she feels like his skills are rather mediocre compared to her singing abilities and she decides to seek help elsewhere. The only problem is that she decides to do this without talking to her husband first, and wants to have a “musical affair” with a well established producer named Harvey. Once she finally gets up enough courage to share this with her husband, they have a small argument which ends with Vince saying, “I’m done with this” and Tamar getting up and walking out of the room. Sigh, nothing ever gets resolved with in the building!

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