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WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s laywer received a letter asking for documents to prove whether or not the president committed “an array of potentially illegal fundraising behavior,” according to Salon.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Ca.), who has the power to issue subpoenas, accused Mr. Obama of mixing official and political activities.

The probe mainly highlights the president’s DNC meeting with Wall Street executives (who are known donors), and a campaign video allegedly filmed in the White House, promoting a raffle to win a dinner with the president and Vice President Joe Biden.

Salon Reports:

To this, Painter responded by saying that social events are different from meetings — a distinction that may well come under further scrutiny in Issa’s probe. However, Politico’s Sherman notes:

The Obama activities targeted by Issa are hardly new. Top aides in previous White Houses were involved with reelection efforts in their spare time. Experts and lawyers have said publicly that all of what the Obama team is doing is above board, and a White House aide provided Politico with more than a dozen news clips and videos showing previous presidents using the trappings of the presidency in similar ways.



Obama Reaches Out To Wall Street To Win Back Campaign Cash