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It’s that time again ya’ll! Yesterday VH1 aired the fourth episode of “Basketball Wives” and you know I had to do a recap of all the foolery. As usual it’s full of drama and ignorance that I am ashamed to admit we absolutely love, so in case you didn’t tune in last night. Check out some of the show’s highlights that were sure to make us lose a few brain cells below:

Jennifer still can’t complete a thought. Last night, as with every other night, Jen struggled with making complete sentences that don’t end with the words so and like and followed by a series of …..

Suzie tries to flex on Royce. While sunbathing on the beach Ashley, Royce and Suzie were discussing Ashley’s new engagement when the conversation turned to Suzie and her rekindled friendship with Evelyn and Jennifer. Suzie called herself getting mad and began talking slick real low key to Royce and Ashley. Maybe she thinks her “friendship” with Evelyn and Jenn is her “insurance” on a beat down from Royce.

Eric the donkey from Shrek is still a raging narcissist. Eric proposes a “business venture” to Suzie, he comes up with an idea for a film which includes Suzie and Royce, and involves Suzie to be nude, and to be about 5 women who robe men blind. A little bitter, are we Eric?

Evelyn attempts to act like a real mom. Evelyn decides it’s time to start acting like a real mother as her daughter gears up for her high school graduation and prepares for College. Upon her daughter’s request to have her graduation party at a night club, Evelyn calls herself shutting that situation down by replying with an, “Unh Unh boo boo you’re only 17.” Good job playing it up for the cameras Evelyn, but some how I have a feeling if the cameras weren’t rolling that situation would be a complete go.

Meeka is a sh*t-starter in disguise. The phrase, “A wolf in sheep’s clothing,” comes to mind when I see this girl. She acts like she is so unaware and so drama-free but that is nowhere near close to being the case. On this episode Meeka calls Jenn in hopes of getting her to come with her to the Polo event because Royce and Tami will be there and she’s soooo scared and wants to “avoid” the drama. However, before any conversation could even get started the moment Tami greets them and sits down Meeka immediately tries to take it there with her. Immediately.Which results in the next highlight:

Tami goes in like we knew she would. The second Meeka tries her by standing up and getting loud, Tami sets it straight! Meeka’s entire argument was shut down with Tami’s no hold- barred argument. To be honest, after Meeka stood up, I really didn’t even hear anything else Meeka said to Tami, I really felt bad for the girl. Bless her heart she just didn’t know what she was up against, and come to think of it she probably thought Evelyn and Jenn would have her back.

Although this shouldn’t even be a question, I’m curious hear the funny things you all have to say. Tell me, who do you think would win in a brawl between Tami and Meeka?

Check out the full episode of below:

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