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A trending topic on twitter all day yesterday was #SignsUaSideChick and while checking my timeline I couldn’t deny the hilarity and honesty in some of the responses. Not only is it funny, it’s actually informative because some of them are real situations.

You may find that you have taken part in one or more of these situations, check out what I’ve chosen as twitter’s top 15 signs you’re a side chick.

20. @TutiDaBoss: You’re not allowed to ask direct questions.

19. @HUSTLEFAMJAYLEE: if every time you ask him “what are we?” and he be like “shid I mean we cool, but I’m not ready to settle down.”

18. @DollarMenuTweet: Pulling up at the drive thru & the question about you being hungry was never asked.

17.@HUSTLEFAMJAYLEE: You text him “goodnight I love you” and he replies “do you?!….you so sweet”….

16. @@JoelMadden: His cell phone battery is always dying at night.

15. @DamienDW: You fly to his hometown and STILL stay in a hotel.

14. @DamienDW: You tweet him and he texts back.

13. @AFFIONCROCKETT: He only orders you sides. ” I’ll have the filet mignon & spinach…she’ll hav corn.”

12. @DefJamYg: when you always get that, “so, when you going home” line.

11. @GeminiGabbana: Everywhere ya’ll go he makes you stay in the car.

10.@IMSICKKIDD: He see you at the bus stop and switch lanes to the furthest lane like he didn’t see you.

9.@tinyYAYO: The only time you can call is late at night. If you call anytime before that ur call is rejected.

8. @NileEvans: YOu’re out with Dimarco and he says, “sometimes people call me Keith.”

7. @IMSICKKIDD: He makes you duck down in the car at every stoplight.

6. @SoFuknBlunt: You only know his nickname cuz he claim he don’t give out his government.

5. @JoannaSimkin: It’s not that I don’t want people to know about us, I just don’t like my personal business in the streets is all.

4. @AFFIONCROCKETT: U only know his nickname. “Yea, girl, me & KNUCKLES s’posed to hang later..aint heard from him yet.”

3. @JoannaSimkin: You can’t come over, my ex still live here. I sleep on the couch though.

2. @marfmellow: If all of your “good” jewelry is from Forever21.

1. @DollarMenuTweet: He stays with a fresh line up and clothes & your toes look burnt breakfast sausages.

There you have it, all top 20 signs that you are a side chick! Though, I’ve never had experience in being a side chick I am curious to know if any of you been one or has any of these situations ever happened to you. Post your thoughts below:

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