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The most telling thing, I think, about a couple of the recent come-ons by white political figures towards women of color, Black women especially (Schwarzenegger not considered), is that they have been overwhelmingly physical in nature.

No, these men didn’t discuss Proust or quote Kerouac, they went right for the c*#&shots and topless photos.

First, Republican Christopher Lee hits Yesha Callahan with a topless shot of himself.

Next, Democratic Anthony Weiner hits Gennette Nicole Cordova with a shot of his erect member surging against his briefs.

What’s with this phenomenon?

Is it because Black women don’t like Proust and Kerouac? Or is it because society has raised us all to believe that Black women are hyper-sexualized and that the only way to impress them is to demonstrate that you have what they, ahem, need.

Make no mistake, white politicians love white women too

JFK supposedly had a thing with Marilyn Monroe; Bill Clinton did have a, um, thing with Monica Lewinski and also an alleged thing with Sharon Stone; Thomas Jefferson had a slave multi-baby mama; Grover Cleveland knocked up a store clerk and gave the baby up for adoption; Warren Harding had his side chick actually visit the White House; FDR died with his side chick by his side, and Dwight Eisenhower allegedly had a thing with his female driver.

It also doesn’t take much of a memory to recall how a couple of years ago, Angelina Jolie was running around masquerading as some kind of worldwide political influence. That act resulted in Jolie being named a Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations.

But there lies the difference.

All Ms. Jolie had to do was adopt a few colored babies and we’re all of a sudden supposed to regard her as the modern day Jospehine Baker.

Those international political poseurs that treated Ms. Jolie as if she owned the shrewdest female political mind since Abigail Adams, had the same intentions towards her that Mr. Lee and Mr. Weiner had towards Ms. Callahan and Ms. Cordova respectively.

But unlike with Ms. Jolie or some other white dimwit that comes up spouting elementary ideologies, the politicians that pursue Black women don’t even feel the need to pretend to be interested in shop talk.

They just go right after the booty.