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After India.Arie tweeted about Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s latest collaboration (India.Arie Calls “Telephone” Vid “Socially Irresponsible”), people began attacking her for her opinion. Her response to the internet thugs went as follows:

To be clear, I made the mistake of thinking that I could have a conversation about current events with a mass group of people, of course that NEVER works, because obviously there are too many people who think too many ways to keep it to a simple debate and sharing of ideas.

BUT I speak to mass groups of people through my music, I write songs of social commentary, so, I continue to speak my heart and mind. I never intend to disrespect any one if it ever comes across that way, it’s a misperception of who I am and intend to be.

Sadly, not surprising that some kids will be THAT disrespectful…LOL! I have to laugh to keep from crying. It scares me for our kids. I know were better than that. No one can make you be a kinder person, but why not be kinder for yourself? Being Crude and vulgar is such a waste of time and mind. I see all of that type of talk as childish games. If you really want to communicate with me be eloquent and respectful. I enjoy debate and understanding other points of view. Anything other than that is just bad childish jokes, I haven blocked you yet because I find it astonishing and curious… I’m scared for our youth, we gotta be better than that.

And to GROWN people saying little slick stuff… This internet anonymity syndrome, where people say mean things ONLY because they know they won’t have to be held responsible for it … Sad sign of the times man.

I believe We ARE ALL INTERCONNECTED. On ONE hand there’s misogyny In hip hop lyrics and Videos, over sexuality in popular culture, and on the OTHER hand, there’s the PANdemic of AIDS in Africa and around the world, Sexual slavery at ALARMING rates, it happens to more young women than we realize (read the book Half the Sky? Made me cry over and over again) and as one twitter follower said, “girls running trains and party’s and pregnancy pacts” And OFTEN times I look at things in the entertainment fields, movies, music lyrics and Videos, images, magazines, and it makes me Ponder DEEPLY, and want to DISCUSS how certain things add to the WHOLE of humanity. Hard to express in 140 characters… LOL! But most of my followers understand where I’m coming from. Cause its where I come from in my song writing as well.

You can read the whole response HERE!

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