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Please help save your favorite local radio station!  Can you imagine if your favorite radio station went off the air, forever? 

And, so did most of the other radio stations in your city?  Your local DJ’s, contests, events and news – all gone.

This could become a reality very soon.  The recording industry is lobbying Congress to pass legislation that would require radio stations to pay a new royalty for every song broadcast over-the-air.  Radio stations play hundreds of songs each week.  This royalty could cost stations millions of dollars each year, and could force many out of business.  

What can you do to help keep supporters in our camp and the Performance Tax off the congressional calendar?   Go to to learn more about what the labels are proposing, and sign a petition opposing the Performance Tax, which will be distributed to Members of Congress.   

Your local radio station provides jobs, news, information, free music, concerts, and community programs way too numerous to list.  Supposedly, we elect people to Congress to represent our local interests. So ask yourself, why do these legislators seem to care more about foreign-owned record companies than they do about resources being drained from already struggling communities, and American-based companies?   Make no mistake about it, this tax on music played on the radio would be taken directly out of your local communities. 

Please help us save your local radio station.