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Halle Berry’s estranged half-sister Renee is reaching out to the actress to let “bygones be bygones” after reading about Halle’s recent child custody battle. Halle Berry’s 51 year-old sister is accusing the actress of disowning her family and claims to have last spoken to her famous sister five years ago. According to, Renee, who is a food service worker from Alabama, is desperate to reconnect with her now famous sister, especially when she is going through such a difficult time in the courts with her baby’s father Gabriel Aubry. Renee is the daughter of Halle’s late African-American father Jerome and Edwina Taylor – who broke up with him shortly before he started dating the actress’ mother Judith Hawkins.

Renee says that she remained ‘very close’ to the future Hollywood star while they were growing up, despite cutting herself off from her father after the divorce.

Renee says: ‘I’m sad to say it seems like she does not want anything to do with us. I have not spoken to her in about five years.

‘I tried to contact her through her website, to congratulate her on her Oscar, but no one got back to me. ‘We would love to meet Nahla. We are desperate to understand why Halle is so upset, why she feels she cannot be with us.’

In interviews over the years, Halle has alleged her father was a violent alcoholic who beat her mother Judith in front of her and sister Heidi.

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