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Don’t waste time pursuing a passion you haven’t taken time to perfect. There, I said it! I had to get it off my chest once and for all. In the pop tart, microwave, faster than the speed of light world we live in today, entitlement runs rampant throughout our community. The days of working hard to achieve a goal have basically been tossed out the window. All we know is it’s ours and we want it now; and not like right now, but like yesterday! Who cares if you are naturally good at something? While you’re somewhere pouting about people not recognizing how “good” you are, there are others out there taking the same skill and making it GREAT!

Discovering your God-given purpose or gift is really only the first step in creating a fulfilling life. Once you’ve been fortunate enough to realize what the gift is, I believe the equation to true passion driven success may resemble something like this:


The problem in our culture is we want to acknowledge the fact that we are passionate about something and just pursue and prosper! Forget planning and who the hec has time to perfect? And don’t mention time! We don’t have time to put time in. We just want to throw something together and get the reward right now! But honestly, what ever happened to this concept of putting time in, honing your skills, paying your dues? What happened to our ability to recognize that most overnight successes actually work on their craft for 5, 10 or even 15 years before we even hear a faint whisper about who they are?

Let me offer this solution as I have been accused in the past for stating problems without providing resolution.

Let’s be clear, your gift is the thing you do the best with the least amount of effort. Your passion is the activity you have a strong desire for or the thing that gives you the most energy. Just because you are passionate about something, it doesn’t mean that it’s your God-given gift. In other words, it doesn’t mean you’re even good at it. With planning and perfecting you may become better, but you’d have to put some time in to even figure that out and well, that’s where most folks get lost in wasting precious time pursuing dreams that will likely never come true.

For example, I am passionate about singing in the shower. I do it every morning without fail. . . .


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