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Lil’ Kim’s cousin Katrise Jones, who the rapper recently went into business with, was arrested last week on four felony charges of false pretense. She was also arrested for failing to return “hired property” worth over $4000.

The two ladies opened a chain of Se Swa hair salons in Charlotte, NC.

On January 14, 37-year-old Katrise was arrested at the salon located in Carolina Place Mall, in front of her stylist employees.

Before this incident, a disgruntled employee went public with a letter detailing Katrise’s shady practices:

“First of all, Katrise does NOT pay her employees and she is in so much debt that she hasn’t even paid her rent at the salon or her house. Which I hear she moved out in the middle of the night owing the landlord over $15,000. Poor Lil Kim trusted Katrise as so many others and Lil Kim needs to run the other way. I met Lil Kim and she is an innocent person in this mess that Katrise made.

Katrise is a fraud and owes over $60,000 to people including employees, rents on her “shops”, her fabulous Range Rover. Here is a link to prove what I am saying. Inmate search on Katrise Jones. She has written over $15, 000 in fraudulant checks. She is what we call a HDM-a Hot Damn Mess!”

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