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If you don’t know what to do when an unexpected guest shows up at your house, then these four tips are for you.


Step 1

Be gracious but firm. Tell them that you would be happy to get together with them while they are in town but explain to them that you are just unable to open your home at this time. If they become insistent, explain that you and your family need to have time to yourselves and then reiterate that you would love to join them for dinner or to see a movie.

Step 2

Don’t accept all the responsibility. If you allow guests to visit, then ask them for some help in return. Encourage them to help you in preparing meals by suggesting that you want to be able to visit with them while you cook. If you are uncomfortable with this, then offer simple meals such as soup and sandwiches. Explain to your guests that you would rather spend time visiting with them than spending all your time in the kitchen.

Step 3

Choose activities that you will enjoy. If you have to find ways to entertain your guests, then take them places that you know will be fun for your family as well. This is also an opportunity for you to choose places that you know are inexpensive.

Step 4

Ask your guests to return the favor. If they expect to visit in your home, then you should be able to stay at their home when you visit them. Be as courteous to them as you would expect them to be to you. By example, they may see how a good guest behaves and will use that example in the future.