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There was once a time when females all across the world would quiver in delight at the thought of Usher Raymond. That was the time when his chiseled oiled body was plastered on teenage girls bedroom walls like wallpaper. With grown women crying at concerts and granny’s throwing panties onstage, he was truly adored by his fans. His smooth moves, signature gyrations and fancy footwork demanded respect from men and moistened the ladies. Even when he was a child he had the soul of a real R&B champ:

“Bedtime” took love making ballads to the next level and his smooth gyrations against a guitar wooed females away from their men and to his heart-thumping concerts. You remember, right?

And then there was 8701. That’s when Usher reminded you why he was the prince of “panty dropping” with Twerk it Out,and the prince of love ballads with ” You Got It Bad.” He even carried us through a tough break-up with “You Dont Have To Call.”

In 2004 Usher had his biggest success to date with Confessions. It went platinum in the first week, sold over 10 million copies worldwide and gained the most outstanding reviews. A beautiful R&B album that you can truly listen to from beginning to the end without skipping any songs.

Maybe it was Tameka that sent his music into a lack-luster spiral of Gucci Mane hooks and pop beats but corny lines like “Daddy’s Home” and “Im ready to sign them papers.” Usher has fallen victim to “follow the trend-itis.” When he was with Chili from TLC his music used to have so much feeling and depth. Who else has so many hits/ classics under their belt (excluding Kellz)? Usher has built himself up to such a high standard and his music lately (minus- Trading Places) just hasn’t been up to par. So I leave you with this- Does Usher still “got it?”

Check out the Sneak Peek of “Daddys Home”

I believe in Ushers ability to make a comeback but I think he needs to do some soul searching! P.S- Cut all the facial hair off- Not a good look.

Usher Classic: Nice And Slow

(Catch that body pump at 3:04)

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