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I love a loyal listener, but this might (no, it is) taking it too far: A man in Palm Beach County, Florida (surprise!)  attacked his roomate with a machete after the roomate changed the radio station. Majic listeners, we love that you LOVE this radio station, but please don’t do this. For more details, please […]

With decent paying jobs at a premium, the last thing you want to do is pay a fee to get your paycheck. But as more companies go to prepaid cards, you’re having to pay a bank fee to get your money. If this is not happening to you yet, it soon could be. Read the details […]

Nakia Grimes, a 37-year-old woman from Georgia, was told she had to prove she was actually a woman to get her driver’s license renewed, after discovering her birth certificate mistakenly labeled her as male. Fox 5 Atlanta spoke with Nakia Grimes of Clayton County about her difficulty getting the typo cleared up. Grimes said she never […]

Native Washingtonians know that we live in one of the most powerful and beautiful cities in the world. But would you fake your own death to visit it? Meet Jordan Renner. He did exactly that to get here. Read more about it here.

Tomorrow, June 3rd is National Repeat Day. Tomorrow, June 3rd is National Repeat Day. Tomorrow, June 3rd is National Repeat Day. Tomorrow, June 3rd is National Repeat Day. Tomorrow, June 3rd is National Repeat Day. You get the picture…

Republican congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee) apparently speaking for all women, said that women “don’t want” equal pay laws during an appearance on “Meet The Press” on Sunday. Is this true ladies? Does this woman speak for you? Please leave your comments below.

In the last few days, a story has surfaced that basketball legend Michael Jordan, fathered a son, Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds, some 15 years ago.  The mother, Pamela Smith filed documents in Fulton County, Ga. However, Jordan’s representatives dispute this, saying the matter was settled years ago. You can read all the details by clicking […]

  Have you seen 14-year-old Simayah Ainsworth of Takoma Park? Simayah was last seen on Wednesday on Hudson Avenue in Takoma Park.  At the time, she was wearing a black hoodie with a Wiz Khalifa logo printed on the front, blue denim jeans, and black Adidas flip flops. Source

We’re counting down to the Majic 102.3 Single Ladies tour featuring R. Kelly with special guest Tamia happens next Saturday November 24th at Constitution Hall….. so we thought we would give you one last chance to win tickets to the show….be the 10th caller at 202-432-1023 or text the word SINGLE to 23092 to win…..all […]

US President of the United States Barack Obama D 51% Vice President  Joe Biden D DC  D.C. Council: Chairman Phil Mendelson D 72% D.C. Council: At-Large David Grasso I 21% Vincent Orange D 38% D.C. Council: Ward 2 Jack Evans D 97% D.C. Council: Ward 4 Muriel Bowser D 97% D.C. Council: Ward 7 Yvette […]

  Check out this inspiring video created to honor the legendary Muhammad Ali which was played at Team USA’s benefit dinner he attended this year.  The greatest! Via: TLF