Tina Campbell

  Just a few weeks ago Tina Campbell made front page headlines after admitting that she voted for Trump because she believed in his spiritual views over his opponent Hilary Clinton. The backlash she received was expected but nowhere near what the gospel star had imagined. Tina Campbell recently made a post on Instagram to […]

Guess those other folks who voted for #45 forgot to show up for the gospel singer in her time of need.

Earlier this year, gospel singer Tina Campbell shocked her fans when she revealed in a lengthy Facebook post that she fully supports Donald Trump, citing religion as the reason he earned her vote. A few days ago, reality star Tami Roman, made the gospel singer the subject of one of her infamous “Bonnet Chronicles” video […]

  Erica and Tina Campbell have both had enough of reality TV. The Gospel-duo shared many details about their personal life on their reality series Mary Mary, which airs on WE-tv, but this season will be their last. Madam-Noire caught up with the ladies to find out what really happened to cause their decision to […]

The "Mary Mary" singer believes that her and #45's shared values on faith compelled her to support him in last year's presidential election.

Tina Campbell is the latest in a string of gospel singers to inculcate a moral sense of responsibility to endorse Donald Trump, who has displayed a pattern of racism, misogyny and xenophobia.

The member of gospel group Mary Mary took to Facebook to explain why she supports the new president and why we should all pray for him.

WE TV Star and Grammy-award winning gospel singer, Tina Campbell and her husband, singer and professional drummer Teddy Campbell, are teaming together this fall for a 36 city tour called “An Evening with Teddy & Tina Campbell.” The duo are kicking things off in Nashville on September 14, and get this…ALL CONCERTS ARE FREE OF CHARGE!!! The […]

Despite a cheating scandal that nearly ended her marriage, Tina Campbell of Mary Mary is going on tour with her husband. The Grammy Award-winning singer announced that she and her spouse will kickoff An Evening with Teddy and Tina Campbell tour in September. Cities will include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and Houston. Specific dates […]

I love those #RandomActsofHappyness and I received one today while on the air. Tina Campbell of Mary Mary stopped by during my 12:00 Happy Hour and surprised me. What a blessing!

Erica and Tina talk about Mitchell. Tina thinks that her life is falling apart. Erica admits that she doesn’t want to share her joys while Tina is suffering.  Erica explains that Tina’s lows are making her feel awful. She goes off! Watch here: Mary Mary’s Tina: ‘I’m Angry.. I Don’t Want Him No More’ Tina is hurt! […]


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