Terrell Owens was despised by almost every fan of every team on which he did not play and by many on the teams on which he did. He was seen as selfish, self-centered, a Prima Donna. But Owens was bright. He was innovative. He was a showman. He incensed the opposition and entertained the masses. […]

Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens announced on Twitter Wednesday night he’s going to play and become co-owner for the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League. Read More: yardbarker.com

Terrell Owens says he can't afford child support payments. Do you feel sorry for him?

Terrell Owens is ask a judge to lower his child support payments to baby mama Monique Reynolds because he can’t afford it. According to TMZ, the former NFL player wants a judge reduce the payments he’s making, and for them to “mirror his income today and not be based on income from over four years […]

Keeping up with the vacation theme this week, on “The T.O Show”, Terrell (or should I say Milk Dud) and his two sidekicks go on cruise to the Bahamas along with their significant others (minus Terrell’s). As excited as they are to be going on vacation, one thing Kita doesn’t do is water! “I don’t […]