T.I. is usually not one to hold back on his opinion. This week, he’s lending his voice to another pressing topic — Wendy Williams’ bikini body. Wendy was in Barbados enjoying the beach life in a two piece bikini. Sounds fun, right? Not to Twitter. Folks dragged her across the Barbados sand. Now, T.I. is […]

Looks like T.I. and Tiny may be back on track! After months of public divorce drama and rumors of random acts of infidelity, the famous couple decided to take a family vacation! Is this a sign that they want to give their relationship another shot or are they merely sharing with the world that they […]

Kevin Hart & T.I. are teaming up to develop a new music-themed comedy show called “The Studio”. The two will not only serve as executive producers, but they’ll also make occasional guest appearances. Look out for the series to debut on Showtime.

Donnie Simpson Show

The whole word finally knows exactly what tipped the throne of Atlanta’s most well known celebrity couple. At a sit down on their reality show, T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, tension reached a boiling point. Tiny exposed her husband T.I. for sleeping with the hired assistant, but that’s not the only accusation being tossed […]

It looks like it’s really over between T.I. & Tiny. She officially served Tip with divorce papers. She’s asking for primary physical custody and joint legal custody of their three children together. She’s also requesting the judge determine the amount of child support, visitation and health insurance T.I. should pay… AND she’s wants alimony to maintain […]

The rapper also said there isn't any beef between him and Tiny and that he is currently not in a relationship.

When it comes to her husband, Tiny Harris doesn’t play, whether or they’re on good terms or not. Bernice Burgos learned that the hard way on Monday after getting in a social media spat with T.I.‘s estranged wife. It all started when the Instagram model posted a video of herself jamming to “Just Kickin’ It” […]

The Black elite of music brought down the house for the "I Ain't Mad at Cha" rapper.

T.I.‘s latest alleged mistress has a lot to say about rumors that she wrecked his marriage to Tiny. Bernice Burgos is over all of the chatter about her relationship with Tip, whatever it may happen to be. Rumors about the pair began swirling after they started liking and commenting on each other’s Instagram pages. With […]

When the king of the south takes to social media to comment on something, you know it’s serious. T.I. is not here for Steve Harvey‘s plea to hip hop artists to respect President Donald Trump. After Steve went on his radio show earlier this week and warned rappers not to be so cruel by constantly criticizing […]

You better think twice before you decide to take a selfie with T.I. It was just another day of getting car gas for the rapper, when a fan took the liberty of taking, not one, not two, but six selfies with him…according to T.I. When T.I. called the fan out, the fan got upset. T.I. […]

Looks like Donald Trump is headed to war… with Hip-Hop. #45 had some things to say to rapper Snoop Dogg after he released a video in which he points a toy gun at a clown dressed up as our y’all President. Leave it to the King of the South, T.I. to join Snoop on the […]