A new study shows that a drug used to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease can also effectively reduce the impulsive buying habits of shopaholics. The study, published in the May edition of the Annals of Clinical Psychiatry, reveals that the drug memantine can decrease over activity in the brain experienced by Alzheimer’s patients and […]


When you're in the fitting room, you're thinking about whether you can actually fit into that pair of great new jeans--not whether there may be needles and drug paraphernalia lurking inside that may jab you in the crotch. You have to read this story...

Managing your relationship with your kids and video games is a tough balancing act. Let’s not get too focused on how old anybody is, but let’s just say I am old enough to remember the Atari 2600 coming out. Naturally, I liked Space Invaders and Asteroids like everybody else but I enjoyed outdoor sports far […]

How many times have you gone out to lunch or dinner and ended paying for something that you didn’t eat? Loaned someone money, and was never reimbursed? Problem: The check arrives, and while you had a salad, everyone else had steak. Solution: If there’s just a few dollars’ difference, consider splitting the bill evenly. If […]

Making the most of her down time,Rihanna was spotted shopping at a mall in Sydney, Australia. The singer combed the racks with her BFF Melissa, sporting a casual black dress with black heels and a long red wig. Ri-Ri and Melissa also hit up a sexy lingerie store before heading over to a Christian Louboutin […]

There is nothing is sexier, or warmer than a pair of over-the-knee boots. Pair these boots with leggings or skinny jeans and sashay your way down the street. Take a look at some of our faves: Plus-Size Show Debuts At NY Fashion Week For First Time Ever [PHOTOS] 10 Faux Fur Coats For Fall Modeled […]

Just weeks after launching a clothing line with her daughter, superstar Madonna is being sued. In papers filed yesterday with a U.S. District Court in California, L.A. Triumph says that it and a previous company have been selling a “Material Girl” line of clothes for young women in department stores around the country since 1997.

Halle Berry has been absent from the big screen for the last few years, but that is about to change, as she has just signed on to star in a new movie titled Shoe Addicts Anonymous.

That’s what’s friends are for…LaLa Vazquez bestie Kim Kardashian recently gifted her with a Vera Wang wedding gown and went even further by letting her use famous trainer to the stars Gunna Petersen to fit into the gown.

Diddy,Kim Porter and their twin girls D’Lila Star and Jessie James,were spotted shopping at Kitson Kids in Los Angeles.  We’re hearing that Kim has moved on with her life, but it’s nice to see them out as a family.

Run’s girls Angela and Vanessa Simmons were spotted out and about shopping at Fred Segal in Beverly Hills yesterday.Vanessa showed off her new haircut and Angela rocked a grungy look complete with bustier and boots.

VIA SHINE: There are those who keep color-coded files with meticulously clipped coupons indexed by category, retailer, and expiration date. And then there’s the rest of us. The good news is that big supermarket savings can be had by those of us who can barely take the time to jot down a shopping list … […]