Roland Martin talks with Bishop Douglas Miles, co-chair of the BUILD organization and co-founding member about the historic $1 billion investment in Baltimore’s schools.

Pink Slime is when beef companies use the trimmings and leftovers of better cuts of meat.  The process involves mixing the meats, passing them through a centrifuge and then adding an ammonia solution to the final product.  The final product is then frozen and shipped of to your local grocer, restaurant and school.  A good […]

A third grader from Queens, New York sold his father’s handgun to a classmate at school for $3.50.  He took the gun off of the top shelf in his home where his dad hid it for protection. Apparently, he didn’t hide it well enough! The gun was illegal, and according to police, there were live […]

This is a plea to parents, teachers and any other adult who plays a role in a child’s life. In the past several weeks, there have various cases of young kids and teens committing suicide due to the constant bullying that they are experiencing at school. Thus far the reactions over their deaths have been […]

Popeather reports that Michael Jackson’s two oldest children — Prince Michael, 13, and Paris, 12 — began their studies at a traditional school last Wednesday — their first experience outside of homeschooling. Click here for the rest of the story.

VIA ABOUT.COM: Getting kids up and ready for the day…whether it be for school, daycare, or even a sport or enrichment activity is a sure-fire stress builder and typical cause of morning madness. What can parents do to start each day in a positive fashion? Here are some ideas. 1. Getting Kids Up: Morning Routine […]

VIA ARA LIFESTYLE: The financial crisis has brought about new kinds of challenges for many Americans. High gas prices, foreclosures and low wages are some well-known symptoms. One of the biggest obstacles, however, has been the feeling of uncertainty we encounter on a daily basis, whether it be our job stability, our family budgets, or […]

VIA ASSOCIATED CONTENT: It’s that time again: kids are going back to school. Every parent wants their child to do their best; here is a guide to keeping your kids focused in the classroom so they can reach their full potential. Feed them well. Proper nutrition affects more than just a person’s health. It also […]

VIA GEOPARENT: How can you ease the anxiety your child may feel about starting a new school? One thing to consider is the time of year you move. Some experts say that summer is the best time to move school-age children because it avoids disrupting the school year. Others suggest that mid-year is better because […]