I’m hearing that Russell Simmons is cashing out on his Rush Card… He’s reportedly selling it to the company Green Dot for a whopping $147 million…


I have never used the RUSH Card but I know the 132,000 customers who do or did use it, are relieved to know that they will be compensated for their loss. Last October, RUSH Card users were denied access to their funds, which resulted in them missing bill payments and other financial snafus. This was […]

Last year, Russell Simmons‘ company UniRush LLC experienced a service outage during a planned migration to a new transaction processor, preventing over 130,000 RushCard holders from accessing or depositing funds. The mogul, who described that experience as “one of the most devastating times in my adult life,” is finally speaking out about how he and his company got […]

Last October, users of Russell Simmons' "Rush Card" were in for a rude awakening when they tried to use their account.