The Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took place this morning (on East Coast time) and it was AMAZING! The now Dutch and Duchess of Sussex looked lovely. The choirs sounded terrific and Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon was the show stealer! Watch: Bishop Curry Steals the Show at the Royal Wedding The wedding was star-studded […]

Would you get married, just to get married? Obviously, nobody wants to believe that maybe they would say “yes” to a marriage proposal, just to have a wedding and for the thrill of writing “Mrs” next to your name, but according to Shine, a survey conducted by therapist Jennifer Gauvain, found that 30% of now-divorced […]

Growing up, I, like pretty much every other young girl, wanted to be a princess. I dressed up in costumes and wore a long pink skirt over my head pretending I had really long ‘Princess Jasmine-esque’ hair, and bossed around my friends, who I, in my obnoxious state, didn’t let be princesses for the game. […]