A source close to Karrine Steffans details her rocky relationship with Rotimi, and her recent miscarriage of the latter's baby.

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Kanan and Ghost face off, Tommy and Ghost's brotherhood is in jeopardy, and more.

This season of Power has been amazing. Check out the most hilarious memes from season 2. We promise they’ll have you rolling.

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  Jacque Reid talks to actress Debbie Morgan about the impact of experiencing physical and emotional abuse in her new book, Monkey On My Back.…

The feds almost close in on Tommy, while Angela decides to use her relationship with James more to her advantage.

Tasha goes off on Ghost after he reveals that Angela is a fed, and devises a plan to keep Tommy out of jail.

Holly turns the tables on Angela by revealing that Jamie is Ghost during the interrogation.

Ghost and Kanan realize major truths about each other, the feds get a hold of Holly, and more.