Marylanders are voting Tuesday to nominate candidates for governor, attorney general and a host of state and local offices, bringing to an end a contentious primary season that included heated debates over taxes, health-care and the conduct of individual candidates. Read More

Thanks Alex for passing this my way. If you need a bit of inspiration to get the vote out and why you can endure long lines at the polls tomorrow, despite the temperatures, watch this video and share it your email, facebook and twitter list. We’ve come too far to drop the ball now.  

President Barack Obama earned a job approval rating average of 46.8 percent in his 10th quarter in office, according to a Gallup poll. This is Mr. Obama’s sixth straight quarter below the 50 percent mark, however it is virtually unchanged from his 9th quarter rating of 46.7. Obama joins a cluster of former presidents who […]

A new Presidential poll by Public Policy, has actor and drug user, Charlie Sheen beating Sarah Palin among independents: We’ve found a lot of brutal poll numbers for Sarah Palin so far in 2011: down in South Dakota, down in South Carolina, down in Arizona, only up by 1 point in Texas, only up by […]

According to NewsOne/Blackplanet polls, most Black people say the word “Negro” itself doesn’t offend them — that is, unless it’s being uttered by a white person.