If you don’t want somebody to tell you how you’re supposed to think, you’d best avoid every discussion of this topic. Because everyone, on both sides, attempts to tell you how you’re supposed to think. That’s sort of the point of making an argument, actually. If every column’s premise was “I have no idea what […]

In the letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Post, the often-combative Snyder took a softer, more personal approach than he has in the past. In May, he told USA Today that he would never change the name, “never . . . you can use all caps.” Read More

As NFL owners meet at one Washington, D.C. hotel, members of the Oneida Nation gather at another hotel, asking that the Washington Washington Football Team change their name. They say the name is a “divisive epithet.” Team owner Daniel Snyder has said he would never change the name. See Video

  A large majority of Washington area sports fans say the Washington Washington Football Team should not change the team name and according to a Washington Post poll and changing it might cause a loss of support from some of the team’s most loyal and dedicated fans. The debate over the name has been highlighted […]


Despite the constant battle of not wanting to change the name of our beloved NFL team the Washington Washington Football Team, members of congress have urged Snyder to change the name in a letter. Check out the Washington Post’s article on the story. Members of Congress urge Snyder to change Washington Football Team name

Now that the election is over and all is close to being real good, let’s get back to some family drama.  Well maybe a tiny bit of drama.  Jermaine is in the process of changing his name.  What will the new name be? Text “MAJIC” To 23092…Standard Messaging Rates Apply Follow us on Twitter @Mymajic1023 […]