Karaoke is always a nerve-wracking experience, now imagine doing it in front of Marlon, Jackie and Tito Jackson while singing a Jackson family song (Yikes).…


If performing twice on the 2015 Fantastic Voyage wasn’t enough, Marlon, Tito and Jackie Jackson hosted an epic karaoke battle! Filled with some great singing…

Ok, Marlon wasn’t the best singer by far in the family, but he could dance.   Back in the day, you could get a number one song without much airplay.  Marlon’s didn’t make it to number one, but he came close with “Don’t Go”, which held the number two spot for two weeks in 1987.  Happy […]

The Triumph album led to a world tour.  See if you can pick me out at 22 in this photo of the Jacksons backstage in Cincinnati before the show.  

If you noticed, the scheduled Jackson’s show for D.C. has been cancelled.  There were rumors floating as to why many dates had been postponed, first , lack of ticket sales,  most recently, that the brothers want to have a new project to perform songs from.  Hmm…..Now, another reason has surfaced.

VIA REUTERS: NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) – Before Michael Jackson died, his brothers filmed a one-hour pilot for A&E that was supposed to include a reunion performance with Michael. But he never agreed to it, didn’t do it, and died before it could be discussed again. But sources say that A&E will go forward with […]