This teenager is breaking stereotypes surrounding Muslim women.

PETA makes a play to protect the rights of animals against some of the world's largest fashion houses.

If and when this collaboration happens, we are buying everything.

I love a man with a mean shoe game.  These Louis Vuitton’s gave me life.  I hop you enjoy seeing them as much as I

An association of 75 French luxury brands has launched a campaign against knockoff designer products, warning people in seven European countries of the high costs of fake goods to the industry – and potentially to buyers and sellers. The anti-counterfeiting group, Comite Colbert, put up posters Wednesday in Paris featuring photos of fake phones, shades, […]

Diddy pulled another WTF recently when he was spotted at the airport in slippers and a Louis Vuitton clutch in tow. The flamboyant Dirty Money rapper rocked his man purse which ok, we’re not surprised but slippers too!? Cassie Gets Diddy For NYE, Baby Mama Kim Porter Gets Xmas Take a look at more WTF […]

Louis Vuitton is known as a top tier leather brand. Its coveted designs are usually complex, luxurious and conceptual.