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Louis Vuitton is known as a top tier leather brand. Its coveted designs are usually complex, luxurious and conceptual.

The LV Spring 2010 bag line, however, has dropped its trademark luxurious complexity and opted to go strictly conceptual. The concept? Utilitarianism.

Not the satchel type of utilitarian. The garbage bag type of utilitarian. Vuitton’s eccentric designer, Marc Jacobs, has released the line’s new “Raindrop Besace” bag, which is essentially a raincoat, cut in the shape of a trash bag, with a leather strap (which is removable in case you actually want to carry it like a garbage bag).

The best part of this ridiculous thing is the fact that it costs $1,960.

Considering the fact that the designer market is tanking in these tough economic times, an overpriced designer trash bag hardly seems like the way to drive sales. Especially when the company makes bags with double the brand visibility for a fraction of the price like this one from the LV website:

Perhaps Louis Vuitton should stick to what works, and leave the trash bags in the garbage.

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