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Serena Williams has already admitted that she had foot surgery, following an accident involving broken glass at a restaurant in Munich last summer. However, now it is being reported that her foot is badly infected and not responding to antibiotics. SandraRose is reporting: “Williams has a serious bone infection (osteomyelitis) in her right foot that […]

Terry McMillan doesn’t approve of Willow Smith playing Annie in a remake, or of the young Smith children’s careers, in general. She took to her Twitter account to express her opinion. “The Smith children already act like child stars. There’s an arrogance in their demeanor and behavior. I find it incredibly sad. It feels like […]

Though the Kardashian’s are celebrated for their curves, Khloe, the tallest and largest of the three sisters, admits she isn’t 100% confident in her body. In a video blog Monday, she revealed, “My weight is always going up and down. I’m always fighting that. I feel like no matter what I do, I never look […]

A single mother of two was sentenced to 10 days in jail and placed on three years probation after sending her kids to a school district in which they did not live. According to, Kelly Williams-Bolar of Ohio was sentenced by Judge Patricia Cosgrove on Tuesday and will begin serving her sentence immediately.What is […]

NBA’s Gilbert Arenas’ fiancee, Laura Govan, has robbed his vacant home, taking clothes, furniture and, reportedly, even his famous shark tank!! I recently told you that Arenas cut off communication and child support to Govan and their three children when he moved to Orlando to play for the Magic. Laura has repeatedly asked Gilbert for […]

Author Natasha ‘Tajah” Burton is claiming that she had a lesbian affair with Rihanna. The author describes in detail her relationship with a “Barbadian, female pop/R&B artist” in her upcoming book, ‘Low Down Dirty Shame.’ Tajah says in the book that she also had sex with Rihanna and that she was pretty wild at it. […]

The 2011 Oscar nominations have been announced! This morning Mo’Nique and Tom Sherak, president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, revealed the nominees in Beverly Hills, California. Did your favorite star or movie get snubbed? Black Female Oscar Winners & Nominees [PHOTOS] Mo’Nique Wins Best Supporting Actress 2011 Grammy Nominations! Jazmine, Rihanna, […]

Nicki Minaj and Drake flirt so much publicly, their fans are still wondering if the two are just friends. And the artists don’t mind playing into the rumors, either. Nicki Minaj revealed to BBC Radio’s Tim Westwood what it would be like if they had kids. “I think they’ll definitely have my personality. My mother-in-law […]

Oprah’s big secret is out!! Turns out the daytime talk show host has a long lost sister. According to, Oprah has a sister named Patricia — who was put up for adoption at a young age and bounced around foster homes until she was finally adopted at the age of 7. READ THE REST […]

Steve Harvey’s ex-wife, Mary Harvey, put him on blast in a You Tube video that went viral today. The video details how Mary and her son almost died when he was born. She claims Steve’s current wife, Marjorie, was one of his many mistresses. She confronted Marjorie on the phone when she called her home […]

Naked pics of Jennifer Williams, of “Basketball Wives” fame, have hit the internet. The six NSFW photos show Jennifer posing in lingerie, topless with jeans on, and completely naked. Royce Reed believes that Jennifer leaked the personal pics herself, but Jen denies that claim, saying: “First of all, if I wanted everybody to see me […]