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“Single Ladies” creator Queen Latifah, recently sat down with Sister2Sister magazine and dished about what she looks for in a woman, and we were quite surprised to learn that she likes a woman covered up and not showing her goodies. “I just like ladies who have class. Period,” she said, “and if it’s ‘T and […]

I prefer the company of men. As much as I enjoy my lifetime membership in the sisterhood one has to admit there is a special type of friendship a woman has with her man friends. The relationship with my man friends tend to be more organic because they approach life with a rusty machete as […]

From KISSDETROIT – After months of speculation Fantasia announces her pregnancy! She broke the news to  a crowd at a charity concert that she performed for at the opening of Riverview Apartments in Jacksonville, FL. She also confessed that she was afraid of what people would think of her but talked about her faith in […]

Here are the first pics of Lauryn Hill’s sixth child being held by his sisters Selah and Sarah. Lauryn who welcomed her sixth child, a baby boy, over the weekend  posted an open letter defending the father of her other five children Rohan Marley. The singer does not say whether she and Marley are even […]

Rumors that Rihanna and Drake are a couple have been swirling for quite some time, but now it looks as though the couple are spicing things up as the two were spotted shopping for sex toys. The “Rude Boy” singer sure likes her sex toys, she was spotted leaving The Tool Shed, a sex shop […]

The first photo of Lil Wayne & Lauren London’s baby Cameron Carter has reportedly surfaced. is reporting that this is the first photo of the couple’s son. We have to say he’s a cutie..he looks just like his mommy!! Lauren recently said her baby wasn’t the result of a one night and revealed that […]

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony’s divorce came as a shock to everyone, right? Maybe not. After all, this was Jennifer’s third marriage. Granted, their union lasted longer than both of her previous marriages (and her one failed engagement) put together! But, unfortunately, after 7 years and the birth of twins, Jennifer and Marc called it […]

Rihanna gave a performance in Atlantic City, but I think the word “performance” is an understatement. Rihanna didn’t just sing to her fans, she drank a beer, took a shot and even got a little sexytime action in front of the audience. She ended gracefully, of course, by flipping a middle finger to the crowd. […]

Beyonce’s got insecurities. We know it’s hard to believe, but she’s a woman, and it’s a true. Beyonce was forced to cut short a TV special she was filming in London after she began losing her voice. She managed to sing a few hits before deciding she couldn’t continue and apologizing. She got the audience […]

Bitch don’t know @Sweetback got the scoop? Word on the street is that J.Lo and William Levy’s amazing chemistry spilled may have spilled over from their “I’m Into You” video shoot into real life, causing the split from hubby Marc Anthony. The “American Idol” judge is speculated to be getting cozy with her Cuban hottie […]

Bitch don’t know @Sweetback got the scoop? New York Knicks baller Amar’e Stoudemire was spotted on the red carpet last night with his baby mama, Alexis. Why is this news you ask? Well I’m curious because Ciara recently confirmed that she and Stoudemire were a couple when they were photographed leaving the Met Gala’s after […]

You know how the saying goes, “Black don’t crack,” well although I’m black I can’t even front, I know sometimes this is a bald head lie, plain and simple. There are many African American’s that just don’t age well. Period. BUT, as a whole I have to say my beautiful people of color age pretty […]