Draya (of “Basketball Wives” fame) has a sex tape, so file this article under “Least Surprising News EVER.” The model announced on Twitter that someone (Chris Brown, is that you?) is trying to sell a “very private movie” of hers.

She then asked that her fans keep her in their prayers:

So someone is threatening to leak a very private movie. There’s only 2 people in possession of it and I am one. So obviously…I just wanna pre apologize to my family, my son, my friends, and my supporters. We live in a very cruel word. I always assumed it was love that drove certain individuals crazy…. Come to find out it was MONEY and the want for it the whole time. So in this time, I just ask that you pray for the well being of me and my family. Thank you”

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Yeah…we’ll save our prayers for something more meaningful. When will these women learn??

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