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Whitney Houston threw a “diva” tantrum by refusing to buckle up on a Delta flight in Atlanta yesterday. According to TMZ, Whitney pretty much flipped the bird to the flight attendant, when she asked the singer to fasten her seat belt before departure. When Houston ignored the request, another flight attendant stepped in and told […]

Tyrese should be celebrating the upcoming release of his highly anticipated album and  return to music with Open Invitation but instead he is being banned from radio stations for sharing his opinion on zoning issues such as liquor establishments near schooling institutions. “For those folks who have read my book, my mother struggled with alcohol […]

Beyonce’s “fake” baby bump is the topic of conversation today after footage of her appearing on Australia’s “Sunday Night” show surfaced. It seems that when the singer sat down to talk to the host, her “belly” deflated and collapsed under her dress. This could confirm the thoughts of everybody who’s assumed she’s been wearing a […]

When Beyonce’s “Countdown” video dropped, we knew she was paying homage to Audrey Hepburn, Diana Ross, Jennifer Beals and more with her beatnik dance moves, Supremes-style clothing and Flashdance-inspired auditions. However, it seems she was copying one person’s style too closely. And that’s Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. The split-screen scene where Beyonce dramatically […]

Fantasia may not get to play the role of Mahalia Jackson after all. Members of the legendary gospel singer’s estate are appalled that Fanny is pregnant and and not married, according to the NY Post. Also, producers are reportedly upset that she didn’t reveal her pregnancy until she was four months along and instead claimed […]

Taye Diggs’ wife and baby were the topic of conversation when the actor appeared on Sway’s morning satellite radio show recently. He was on air to promote his new children’s book “Chocolate Me,” and the subject of race and color came up naturally. The two discussed how Taye met his Jewish wife Idina Menzel and […]

Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice guy put his foot in his mouth over the weekend when in an interview he said he wants his future wife and kids to have “good hair!” In an E! News interview with Guiliana Rancic, the two had been talking about Mustafah’s new TV show, “Charlie’s Angels”, when the conversation […]

Tia and Tamera Mowry appeared on “The Wendy Williams” Show today and Tia may have outed Queen Latifah as being gay – by accident, of course! Wendy had asked the new mom about how she lost her pregnancy weight and Tia gave all the credit to celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins (who we all know is […]

When God, Allah, Vishnu, Buddha or evolution made men and women different and separate, do you think they ever intended for men and women to be more than procreation partners? That is, can men and women actually be friends? Real friends? I would like to say yes, because I have plenty of male friends, but […]

Beyonce has revealed to Allure her favorite beauty tips, tricks, products and at-home rituals. We’ve all wanted to look like the star at some point or another so, we thank her graciously! Radio DJ, BET Host Killed In NYC Ginuwine: “Aaliyah & Beyonce Would Be Neck & Neck Today,” Do You Agree? What at-home beauty […]

Swizz Beatz and his baby mama Jahna Sebastian have finally settled their child support case. The two share a 3-year-old daughter Nicole who lives with her mom in Russia. Jahna, who also goes by Zhanna Andrianova, is a singer and the two shared a “relationship” before (maybe during?) his relationship with Alicia Keys (and maybe […]

Beyonce and her baby bump finally made it to the Fashion Week festivities today when she and her sister Solange hit J.Crew’s Spring 2012 presentation. Bey wore a belted shimmery gold dress that matched her new mommy glow and her highlighted hair, while sis stayed true to her eclectic style in a pink top with […]