Tune in to the show tonight for another great edition of the Summer Mini Concert Series ! Tonight we get into the music of multi-platinum, Grammy nominated artist; Ginuwine. The Washington, D.C. native had many number one hits in the 90’s and 2000’s. Speaking of hits be sure to tune in tonight to hear a few, […]

In just a few we will take a musical visit back in time to the year 1996! It’s all going down right here on the Tuesday Night Flashback you dont want to miss this! Get ready to reminisce just a little, feel free to share you memories on our Facebook page! Here’s a little something from Ginuwine, […]

Ginuwine was on social media yesterday defending his ex-wife Sole, after people started to drag her for posting a pic of her and her new boo Professor Grif.

After somewhat squashing their beef, the gentleman of R&B trio "TGT" (Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank) are back at it.

Follow Majic 102.3 On Twitter: If you are wondering the Je’Caryous Johnson stage play “Married But Single Too” was hilarious then you need to check out this interview with today’s co-host Ginuwine, songstress Chante Moore and funny man Bill Bellamy. The trio talk about the play which will be at the Warner Theater until March […] It’s no secret that Ginuwine has a lot of kids. In fact, he has 7 daughters and 2 sons, bringing his total children to 9 total. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! However, what may surprise fans is that fact that the heartthrob wants more kids. During his backstage interview with Kelly Mac during the […] Before hitting the stage at the 2016 Holiday Affair in Indianapolis, IN, R&B heartthrob spilled the beans to TLC’s own Kelly Mac that he recently spoke to Ja Rule about creating something new. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! If that’s not enough, Ashanti’s name was also brought up! Watch in the video above, as […] R&B sensation Ginuwine has been in the game since 1996 and over the years he has provided with countless hits that continue to live on and make you feel a certain way. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Although he is 46 years old, he has no plans of slowing down. In fact during his […] Ginuwine is known as one of the top R&B artists of his time. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! However, during the 2016 Holiday Affair in Indianapolis, IN, he spoke of his fondness of Jodeci, along with admiration of Michael Jackson and Prince, one of which he had the pleasure of meeting. Check out the video […]

Ginuwine Responds To Leaked Photo Let us all take a moment to reminisce on the good ole days, when we referred to Ginuwine as Genufine and fantasized about his pony while watching his greasy chiseled abs gyrate in music videos when they had budgets. Ah. Good times. Little did we know, Ginufine was actually hung […]

In this day and age of social media, there's not too much room for mistakes. But seasoned celebs like Ginuwine have to find out the hard way sometimes.

If you’re a fan of 90’s music, you are in for a cool surprise just in time for Black Music Month. All this week the Steve Harvey talk show is featuring “Men of 90’s R&B Week”, giving some shine to those who have made a mark in black music. New Edition kick started the week […]