ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has signed legislation that would require thousands of people applying for welfare to pass a drug test before they could receive benefits. The Republican-controlled Legislature passed the law over the opposition of Democrats. Backers say it will ensure that welfare benefits are used for their intended purpose […]

When you can’t find something real to complain about, keep trying the same old same old. I know I thought this mess was over with, but there must be a crazy judge in Georgia. Read what he’s asking President Obama to do here.

When you don't pay your taxes, they take your stuff or lock you up.

Four Georgia women are suing a nursing company because they say their management wouldn’t send Black nurses to take care of white patients. Also read: Bistro Chez Lucienne: French in the Heart of Harlem Also read: Ex-Cop To Be Sentenced For Cover-up Of Hurricane Katrina Shootings The women claim Accord Services violated their civil rights […]

Filmmaker Michael Moore is calling for an economic boycott of Georgia over last week’s execution of Troy Anthony Davis. Also read: How Do You Feel About The Execution Of Troy Davis? “I encourage everyone I know to never travel to Georgia, never buy anything made in Georgia, [and] to never do business in Georgia,” Moore […]

CLAYTON COUNTY, GA. — A Decatur, Ga., pastor is being held without bond on molestation charges. Samuel Walsham Chapman, 58, a pastor at Riverdale Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Jonesboro, was arrested after a 15-year-old boy alleged that Chapman took him to a parking lot and performed a sexual act in front of him. Read more […]

A small Georgia town has passed a law in which they will fine men who wear “saggy pants” $50 for their first offense. The amounts that come with repeated offenses are what have many critics up in arms. The Georgia town of Hampton will fine repeat offenders $100, and third-time offenders $200. Read more at […]

GEORGIA — Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is the target of an ethics examination, investigated by The NY Times, as to whether he misused his “prestige of office” to persuade his friend Harlan Crow to fund a museum in Pin Point, Georgia. Thomas, who is from Pin Point, introduced residents to Crow, who the Times […]

CONYERS, Ga. — Funeral services were held for North Carolina teen Phylicia Barnes, who went missing while visiting a relative in Baltimore. Her body was found unclothed in a Maryland river on April 20, over three months after she vanished from a relative’s apartment. The Root reports: Barnes’ funeral was held at Springfield Baptist Church […]

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA – A video of police responding to a fight on St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah Georgia shows a male police officer grabbing a female by her belt and then throwing her on the ground. Also Read: Chris Brown dyes his hair again Savannah Now reports: The video shows several women fighting outside and […]

A third lawsuit has been against Bishop Eddie Long, alleging he coerced a man to have sex with him, the plaintiff’s attorney told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Today on TJMS Roland Martin interviewed the lawyer of the boys involved in Bishop Eddie Long’s sex scandal.