Katherine Jackson is currently in London visiting her newest grandbaby and Janet Jackson but it looks like she has a lot of drama waiting when she returns…

Obama has signed other executive orders to improve the workplace including barring employers for discrimination against employees for their gender or sexual orientation, increasing minimum wage and making more contractors eligible for overtime.


In a seriously frightening display of anti-immigrant sentiment, it appears that Europe’s “fear of foreigners,” as one U.N. official put it, has contributed to the…

An association of 75 French luxury brands has launched a campaign against knockoff designer products, warning people in seven European countries of the high costs of fake goods to the industry – and potentially to buyers and sellers. The anti-counterfeiting group, Comite Colbert, put up posters Wednesday in Paris featuring photos of fake phones, shades, […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama’s ambassador to Belgium has given Republicans heavy fodder for criticism by linking Israeli government policy with rising anti-Jewish sentiment among Europe’s Muslims – an argument that has angered Jewish groups and given the Obama administration a new headache as it seeks to counter Republican claims that it is anti-Israel. […]

At times it can be hard to imagine life beyond our cozy (and sometimes not-so-cozy) bubble here in America, especially given the massive influence of urban and African American culture, fashion and lifestyle in our society. From the movies we watch to the music we enjoy, from the celebrity gossip we read to the scandals […]