Gold has been making headlines lately for its plummeting value. What does that mean for us? The answer is not much. Most individual investors don’t…

The latest report on the state of the U.S. job market offered good news all around, the best reading in months on the state of the economy. Read More

So it’s really happening. Over the financial edge we go! Good job Congress. Details are here.

As the ongoing battle over the fiscal cliff wages on in Washington, taxpayers across the country are watching the news – and their wallets –…


WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will talk about the nation’s economic woes in remarks at the White House Friday. SEE ALSO: Time To Take Romney…

If you thought Occupy Wall Street (OWS) was just a fly by night initiative, think again. What began September 17, 2011 as a series of minimally publicized demonstrations in the financial district of New York City has blossomed into a full blown movement which has not only swept the United States, but crossed into international […]

By Alisha L. Gordon $89,263.66. That’s how much it cost for me to achieve the “American dream.” You know that dream, right? The one that says “if you work hard, go to school, and get a degree, you’ll find a good job that you can work for 30 years, retire and live comfortably with fond […]

Just when we were starting to accept that pretty people made all the money, we get hit with yet another study. First, we were told that attractive people are paid $230,000 more over a lifetime based solely upon appearance and not experience. If that wasn’t depressing enough, a more recently published study is saying that […]

Economists are warning that a recession now would be far worse than the recession that ended in 2007. Today the economy has 5 percent fewer jobs, and the unemployment rate has almost doubled since the onset of the last recession. The reports: “It would be disastrous if we entered into a recession at this […]

WASHINGTON — After tension escalated in Wednesday’s debt limit negotiations, President Obama told Republican lawmakers that he will not yield on reaching a deal that includes a long-term deficit cut. Republicans said that after a heated disagreement with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), the president “abruptly” walked out of the meeting. Democratic lawmakers, however, […]

A new poll shows that 44 percent of Americans believe the economy is worse off under President Obama than when George Bush was in office. The poll, conducted by Bloomberg, shows that the continuing lack of jobs available for the American public is causing alarming concern of the president’s economic direction. In an ABC News/Washington […]

Are you feeling stressed about your inability to spend the way you want to? Are you losing the strength and energy to resist the urge to splurge? According to a poll conducted by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), 66% of Americans are suffering from “frugal fatigue.” In a nutshell, people are sick and […]