Lamar Odom did not pull any punches in a first-person story he wrote for the Player’s Tribune about the struggles he has faced with addiction the past several years. The former NBA star also opened up about his cocaine habit and what happened when he ended up in a coma at a Nevada brothel. “When I […]


Prince’s two ex-wives held a private memorial to celebrate the singer’s life on Wednesday, according to reports. The service, hosted by Manuela Testolini and Mayte Garcia, took place in Los Angeles. Attendees included Dita Von Teese, Tavis Smiley, and Herbie Hancock. Testolini and Garcia decided to join forces and host their own event because they reportedly […]

Authorities want to know who prescribed the "Purple Rain" singer the pain meds that might have killed him.

Alexander O’Neal talks about drugs and how the music industry has a double standard when it comes to drug abusers.  The Daily Mail has the story.

I remember that when it first broke that Lenny might play Marvin, Marvin Gaye III, a former classmate of Kravitz, ask that he not be involved.   Something has now changed, as the project that was blasted for focusing on a tough time in Marvin’s life, now has the backing of the adopted son of […]

Radio and talk show host Wendy Williams, breaks down into tears as she shares details of her cocaine drug addiction to her television audience.  This is all in the wake of the Whitney Houston interview on Oprah in which she reveals her struggle and past with drugs.