Murray says Jackson dressed up like a clown, or even faked illness, just to meet random women.


After hearing about Paris Jackson‘s suicide attempt Dr. Conrad Murray decided it was fitting to reach out to the daughter of the late Michael Jackson.…


From CNN entertainment news, the wrongful death trial of the legendary ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson is becoming more of a who’s to blame trial. The story now focuses in on the concert promoting group AEG Live to share the blame along with Dr. Conrad Murray in the death of the late Michael Jackson. Michael […]


It seems like jail life is taking its toll on Dr. Conrad Murray, the man who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in 2011 in…


Chris Paul jokes with the crew about the drunk dentist, the woman with the biggest hips, Conrad Murray’s tearful plea, and Snoop Lion.


Chris Paul knows exactly why Dr. Conrad Murray wants out of jail, find out why here.

First thing that came to my mind was that Dr. Murray’s life might be in danger if released. The judge had something else in mind. Read why Conrad Murray won’t be released anytime soon.

Dr. Conrad Murray who faced up to four years behind bars at his sentencing today on his manslaughter conviction for administering a deadly anesthetic to Michael Jackson was sentenced to the maximum of 4 years in prison. But Murray will not spend a single day in prison because of a new California law. He’ll serve […]

Facing up to 4 years in prison for the death of Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray legal team is hoping for mercy and that overcrowded jails will lead to probation for their client.

Murray has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter against pop sensation and legend Michael Jackson.

Via TLF: Today during the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray Michael Jackson’s former nurse Cherliyn Lee momentarily lost her composure while talking about how Michael told her it was safe for him to use Propofol in his home. Read more

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