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  They thought they were eating the popular “pop rocks” candy, but instead two Indianapolis students learned their candy was contaminated with cocaine, landing one of them in the emergency room.   Fox 59 reported , Yolanda Washington, whose son is in the seventh grade said, “My son was like unresponsive to me, weak in […]

Lamar Odom continues to shed light on his past drug issues during his marriage to Khloe Kardashian.

Davis reads a tearjerking letter he wrote to the legendary singer after her shocking 2001 Michael Jackson anniversary concert appearance.

As soon as I heard that the Kardashian clan was running to the hospital to check on Odom, I had to wonder if they brought the cameras along.  They always seem to think that way.  Scott Van Pelt let everyone know that Lamar Odom was a star in the NBA long before marrying into the […]

TMZ is reporting that Lamar Odom says he doesn’t have a crack problem.  His denial is reminiscent of the late Whitney Houston when she was asked the same question years before her passing.    


Dominique jokes with the crew about two stories all about cocaine, including one about alleged cocaine found at an Ill. Chuck E. Cheese’s and the…

I know we all hoped that drugs were not involved, but deep inside, I think we knew drugs playes a role. Here’s what Cissy Houston had to say.

Death ruled accidental by drowning, but there were traces of several drugs in her system. Details here.

Sometimes you have to clear things up for folks. That must have been on Mary’s mind when she let the other hosts know. Check out the exchange here.

(Madeira, OH) — Drug charges are pending in Ohio against a woman accused of snorting coke during a visit at her daughter’s school. Police in Madeira say Emily Rosenberger was at her eight-year-old’s Valentine’s Day party when staff members caught her in a restroom snorting what appeared to be cocaine. It happened at Madeira Elementary […]