“God put me through these trials and tribulations and put me center stage for a reason,” the Empire actress tells PEOPLE of chronicling her hardships — like leaving her abusive ex — in her memoir, Around the Way Girl. “We can all identify with each other’s struggles. Those emotional scars are what make you who […]


Gabourey Sidibe is just as complex as the roles she’s played in the 2009 movie, Precious, and the hit show Empire. In her new memoir she discusses her weight-loss surgery, her love for her body, dating and the surprising fact that she worked as a phone-sex company for three yearsbefore becoming a star. Read more. […]


In her memoir, the iconic singer’s ex-wife tells of their passionate love, their excitement about their baby, Amir, and the pain and heartbreak that followed when their child, who was born with a rare genetic disorder, died just six days later. “I don’t think he ever got over it,” Garcia told PEOPLE of her ex-husband, who […]


If you want proof that the best comedy is often drawn from pain, then check out Kevin Hart’s new memoir, I Can’t Make This Up. Hilarious and sometimes heart wrenching, Hart reveals what it was like growing up with an alcoholic father and recounts his own violent marriage. “In life, you can choose to cry […]


Gabourey Sidibe’s new book This Is Just My Face shares her journey to success through her own hilarious lens. The 33-year-old ‘Empire’ star says that before she was acting in major projects, she was a phone sex operator. She answered calls from people looking for a good time and was paid a decent hourly wage. Ironically, her operator name […]

Just know… when you tweet, post something on Facebook, or write a whole book about something personal…  It could be used against you in a court of law. That’s exactly what’s happening to Bill Cosby,

  Taraji P. Henson talked about her experience growing up in DC during a recent interview. ”

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