You should feel proud of all the good advice you’ve given that helps listeners make life altering decisions. Last night it was Linda and tonight it’s Cherise who needs a helping hand from someone who’s been in her shoes before. Call 844-253-8762 with your song requests and comments on tonight’s #OHSOREALScenario:   Cherise broke up with […]

It’s a Cancer zodiac season and for tonight’s celebration we’re playing music by the late great Phyllis Hyman. Today marks what would have been Phyllis’ 68th birthday so we’ll remember some of her greatest songs during tonight’s Summer Mini Concert Series. Check out this hilarious video of Phyllis Hyman displaying her amazing vocal control along side fellow diva Angela Bofill… […]

Donnie Simpson Show

After bringing a chained kangaroo on stage during one of his shows in Detroit last weekend, Mike Epps landed himself in the hot seat with the Department Of Agriculture.  The comedian turned actor was accused of animal abuse by the PETA animal rights group for wrongfully causing distress to an innocent animal being paraded on […]

Can you remember how you were living in 1989? Were you living large or so you thought…LOL. Tonight we’re time traveling back to “funky-dope” year 1989 to revisit some R&B songs you haven’t heard in quite some time. Leave your requests in the comments below and ride with us on through midnight. Here’s one from […]