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You should feel proud of all the good advice you’ve given that helps listeners make life altering decisions. Last night it was Linda and tonight it’s Cherise who needs a helping hand from someone who’s been in her shoes before. Call 844-253-8762 with your song requests and comments on tonight’s #OHSOREALScenario:


Cherise broke up with Fred in March but it wasn’t until May that he stopped trying to win her back. She met a new guy named Malik in June and last week Fred popped up unannounced knocking on the door while Malik was over. Malik told Cherise he would put Fred in his place and things escalated fast with Fred knocking Malik out cold.  

Fred left and Malik went home, but ever since, Malik hasn’t had much to say when Cherise calls. Malik doesn’t want to press charges and Cherise doesn’t know what to do. What advise can you offer Cherise to get back on track with Malik since he’s being distant?  


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