50 Cent

We don’t know what 50 Cent is doing right now, but we know when he finds out ex-boo Vivica Fox called him a “booty snatcher” on live TV, he’s going to come for her jugular. Vivica appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live after the season 8 premiere of Real Housewives Of Atlanta when she […]

Actor/Comedian Gary Owen sits down to play April Watts‘s famous game. Watch to see his thoughts on T.I.‘s female leadership blunder, 50 Cent’s bankruptcy claims and hiring people with “ghetto names.” Gary also gets personal when discussing Lamar Odom‘s unfortunate incident.

Empire star Jussie Smollett and former pro-football player Michael Sam have been seen together quite a few times lately. TMZ caught up with Smollett to get to the bottom of the rumors. When asked about Michael – who just broke up with his fiancé Vito Cammisano – Jussie replied, “That’s the homie right there,” squashing all thoughts of a […]

50 Cent always has something to say about Empire, FOX’s hit drama that’s been running the ratings game since its inception. Unfortunately, the show’s suffered its first slip after last Wednesday’s episode, bringing in 13.7 million viewers. That’s an 18 percent drop over the season two premiere. Fifty is saying it’s all due to “too […]

Kanan and Ghost face off, Tommy and Ghost's brotherhood is in jeopardy, and more.

At this point in the game, everyone has a plan that's key to their survival, even if it means double crossing allies.

Tasha goes off on Ghost after he reveals that Angela is a fed, and devises a plan to keep Tommy out of jail.

  A few years ago, in the Jay -Z diss song “I’m Hot” Jigga got off this punchline: “I’m about a dollar/What the f**k is 50 Cents” Who knew how true it would ring with today’s news that 50 Cent has filed for bankruptcy. The rapper who in May was estimated to have a net […]

Holly turns the tables on Angela by revealing that Jamie is Ghost during the interrogation.