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Get to know Asia!

Virginia Beach, VA. native Asia Chandler grew up listening to Virginia radio and was inspired to chase a career in broadcasting at a very young age. Many hours were spent talking and singing into her hairbrush and then at the tender age of 9, she got the best gift ever. It was a toy from Radio Shack, that allowed her to talk over AM stations…and that was it. As she grew up, her passion for radio grew even more intense and she chose to study Communications and Journalism in college.

Moving to Boston Massachusetts, she attended Northeastern University where she got her feet wet at the student-run station 104.9 WRBB. After graduating with honors and dual degrees (BA in Journalism and a BA in Communication), Asia tried to pursue a career in Radio and Television but could not find a job in her field. Until one day in 2001, a radio station popped up…that no one knew about. And she heard an announcement that they were looking for fresh new voices for the station. Agreeing to go with a friend that wanted to audition, she found herself in line with over 3,000 people. Convinced by her friend to audition, Asia finally agreed and for days anxiously waited to receive the results. When the results were in, Asia was one of the finalists and she got her very first start at Radio One Boston.

She spent several years with Radio One at WBOT, Hot 97.7 serving as the Heat Wave evening host, the Hot Spot Entertainment Reporter and the Afternoon Mid-day host until landing a full-time on-air position with Citadel on Hot 106 in Providence. But everything came full circle when she started her dream job hosting mornings at WBCG on Big City 101.3 in October 2007. Winning The Best of Boston Award for 4 consecutive years, The Urban Music Award for Best Radio Personality for 4 consecutive years, Garrison Awards and other local accolades proved that her talent was as great as her passion. But after 4 years of success on Morning Mayhem, unfortunately the station was sold and changed formats…so, it was then that Asia decided to make a change.

Asia relocated to Washington D.C in 2011 as a freelance entertainment reporter. In August of 2015, she returned to her Radio One home where it all started. In just months Asia was promoted from one weekend shift, to two shifts and two different stations within the Radio One family. And shortly after, she received an even bigger opportunity, and landed the entertainment reporter position on the Donnie Simpson Show with a segment called “Can We Talk?” She can now be heard weekdays at 6:30pm and you can also check her out every Saturday from 3-7pm on “Afternoons with Asia.”

Now in her 15th year of radio, Asia has proven that she is much more than just another pretty face. With her extra rich voice, sweet sexy tone, unique charm, and witty sense of humor–this radio diva can put a smile on anyone’s face. Her voice has been heard on several radio stations in Boston, Baltimore, Providence and Washington, DC.

Music has always been an integral part of Asia’s life. She is a trained singer, can play clarinet, flute, oboe and bass clarinet; and has written original songs. In addition to her many talents, Asia is also a published journalist, youth mentor and very involved with the music youth ministry at her church. Her mission in in the workplace…is the same as it is in her everyday life….To love life’s journey, always put God first in everything, and to always uphold values of faith and honesty. Her Motto is make every day better than the day before and that things in life can slow her down, but nothing but death can stop her.

So watch out…the best has yet to come!

Other fun facts about Asia:


  • She is a Patriots fan.

    • The highlight of her career was meeting Prince at the 2006 BET Awards and interviewing one of her idols, Lalah Hathaway.

    • She was a competitive gymnast for 6 ½ years.

  • She was a cheerleader.

    • BAPS is her favorite movie, and Octavia Butler is one of her favorite authors.

    • And she was in the marching band for 8 years…don’t laugh

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